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The Self Study Programs is destined to development the knowledge of employees of dealerships, focusing the maintenance of essential items wich compose the concepts of project, components and systems functions of VAG vehicles

Self Study Program 181 – Audi A3

Self Study Program 181 - Audi A3 - Presentation PDF. In this Self-Study Programme we will introduce you to the Audi A3. The technical details are explained in Self-Study Programme 182. CONTENTS Audi A3 - In brief Audi A3 -…

Self Study Program 195 – The 2.3L V5 Engine

Self Study Program 195 - The 2.3-ltr. V5 Engine Design and Function PDF. You will find more detailed information about the design of the engine mechanicals or the cooling system and the oil circuit in SSP 127 “The VR6 engine” and SSP 174…

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