Self Study Program 994303 – Adaptive Air Suspension

VAG SSP 994303. Today, designing a chassis must overcome conflicting requirements. A car designed to be very comfortable when driven at the limit, falls short in terms of driving safety. On the other hand, a car with exceptional sport tuning achieves considerably higher cornering speeds and reaches its limit much later, but is usually very limited in comfort.

The equipment must deliver not only universal purposes such as function, safety, strength and durability, but also comfort, reduced weight and premium acoustics. To satisfy these contrary requirements, the 2004 Audi A8L is equipped with a new, fully load-bearing, Air Suspension System with electronic dampening control.


  • Introduction
    • Basics, New technology
  • Operation and display
    • Vehicle levels, Operation and display system
  • System components
    • Vehicle overview, Control unit J197, Suspension/shock absorber strut, Shock absorber, Air supply unit, Solenoid valve block, Accumulator, Pneumatic diagram, Pressure build-up, Pressure reduction, Senders (sensors)
  • System functions
    • Control concept for standard running gear, Control concept for sporty running gear, Control concept for special operating conditions
  • Interfaces
    • System overview of components with bus link (CAN, MOST), System overview of components without bus link, CAN information exchange, Function diagram, Other interfaces
  • Service
    • Control unit code, System initialization, Final control diagnosis, Measured value blocks

This Self- Study Program (SSP) is not a Repair Manual. Its purpose is to describe new designs and functions. All values in this program are meant to help your understanding of the program and are based on the software version that was valid at the time the SSP was developed.

For service and repair work, use the current technical literature.

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 45

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