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The Self Study Programs is destined to development the knowledge of employees of dealerships, focusing the maintenance of essential items wich compose the concepts of project, components and systems functions of VAG vehicles

Self Study Program 588 – Jetta 2019

The New Jetta - A great family sedan that is fun to drive Going further on with the sales success achieved mainly in the North American market, the New Jetta is featured with three outstanding values: Cool interior and exterior design:…

Self Study Program 148 – SEAT Mii

Self Study Program 148 - SEAT Mii PDF. The SEAT Mii is a completely new vehicle. It belongs to the small cars segment. It is a vehicle basically intended for city driving and for customers who need to have a highly functional car. For…

Self Study Program 155 – SEAT Leon

Self Study Program 155 - SEAT Leon PDF. The design of the third SEAT Leon generation is new and it includes many cutting edge technology systems. As for the new design, the new SEAT Leon is an elegant and functional car, highly…

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