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The Self Study Programs is destined to development the knowledge of employees of dealerships, focusing the maintenance of essential items wich compose the concepts of project, components and systems functions of VAG vehicles

Self Study Program 198 – The 2.7L V6 Biturbo

Self Study Program 198 - The 2.7-litre V6 Biturbo Design and Function PDF.  Turbocharged engines are already something of a tradition at AUDI. The task now facing AUDI’s engineers was to develop a worthy successor to the 5-cylinder…

Self Study Program 188 – The VW LT ´97

Self Study Program 188 - The LT 97 Design and Function PDF. This manual is designed to set out how these aims have been achieved. 1975 LT 28, LT 35 and LT 45 were launched as platform truck, box-type truck and chassis. 1983 Addition…

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