Self Study Program 103 – 1.8L engine with G-superchanger Construction and Operation

VAG SSP 103. 1.8 ltr. engine with G-superchanger. The new 1.8 ltr. engine means that Volkswagen can supply a sport engine of top class technology. The increased power and good toraue characteristics are achieved primarily thanks to the use of the mechanical R-60-supercharger.

The 118 kW (160 bhp G-60-enaine is based on the proven 79 kW GTI enoine with 1.8 litre capacity.

In this new engine, the mixture preparation and ignition are performed by the Digifant fully electronic engine management system.


  • Fiel system
  • Activated charcoal system
  • Overview of the fully electronic engine management system
  • Information sender / engine management
  • G-superchanger / charge air cooling and bypass circuit
  • Idle stabilization / boot pressure limiting system
  • Ignition control
  • Auxiliary function
    • Fan run-on
    • Fiel pump run-on

The test and repair instructions can be found in the Workshop Manual Corrado 1989 > and in the associated current flow diagrams.

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 33

Self Study Program 103 – 1.8 ltr. engine with G-superchanger Construction and Operation PDF free online