Self Study Program – Course Number 41A031 – Introduction to ETKA

VAG SSP Course Number 41A031. This Self-Study Program (SSP) is designed to teach ETKA navigation techniques using the computer mouse function. ETKA is Volkswagen and Audi’s complete electronic parts catalog. This catalog is a computerized database that organizes all Volkswagen and Audi parts so that you can look them up by part group, name, or illustration. ETKA allows you to search for parts, narrow your focus to the right ones and get them into the hands or vehicle of your customer – efficiently and accurately.

Before ETKA, Parts Consultants spent a great deal of time searching through individual catalogs, manuals,  and guides. They also had to memorize Main Groups and Sub-groups and rely on other tricks of the trade.

With ETKA, there is less need to use print materials. Support tools (such as Main Groups and Sub-groups) are built-in features within the system. By reducing the amount of time it takes to find what you are looking for, you can identify the part your customer needs when your customer needs it. You can satisfy the customer by finding the right part the first time. Your customers will be satisfied, and your Parts Department will be more profitable.

ETKA 7.1 offers increased functionality in a Windows-based environment.

In addition to comprehensive spare parts information having been incorporated into the ETKA catalog, search functions have been enhanced for faster searches in several program applications. There are now seven new and three improved zoom functions available to you for closer examination and greater ease of manipulation when you are viewing an illustration text page.

ETKA is supplied by LexCom AG and is constantly updated via the Internet, so that you are always working with the most current parts information available.

To receive credit for completing this course, you are required to pass the ETKA 7.1 SSP Assessment (41A031B) located in the Learning Management Center (LMC).

As you work through this self-study format, you will learn the basic concepts of ETKA 7.1. Using ETKA,  you will also have an opportunity to navigate through the system and complete the practice activities.

To check your learning progress, an answer key for the “Test Your Knowledge” questions is provided at the back of this SSP. Please note that this answer key reflects the most current parts information available as of the release date.

To optimize your learning, it is assumed that you have a basic knowledge of Audi’s part numbering system, VIN codes and PR Codes. You can now access price files, containing the suggested retail
prices for original Audi spare parts, via Internet download. You can even set up your VAT specific data under “Country settings” in ETKA Ini-Editor to include tax in the price calculation.


  • Introduction
  • Accessing ETKA
  • Vehicle Selection
  • ETKA Navigation
  • Display Function List
  • Part Selection
  • Quick Access to Common Functions
  • Service Support-Web
  • Additional Resources
  • Answer Key

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 78

Self Study Program – Course Number 41A031 – Introduction to ETKA