Self Study Program 995303 – Adaptive Cruise Control in the Audi A8L

VAG SSP 995303. Adaptive Cruise Control is a new system designed to make driving easier and safer. This new system restricts speed and monitors the distance of the vehicle in front. Driver convenience is improved because fewer accelerator and brake pedal operations are required.

Adaptive Cruise Control offers a wider range of functions than the conventional Tempomat.


  • Introduction
    • System Limits, Operation Requirements, Basic Principles of Radar, Distance Measurement, Determining Speed of Vehicle in Front, Determining Position of Vehicle in Front, Determining Which Vehicle to use as Input for Distance Control
  • System Components
    • Vehicle Overview, Right Distance Regulation Sensor G259 and Control Module for Distance Regulation J428, Cover for Distance Control Sender
  • System Functions
    • Operation and Driver Information Concept, Operation and Driver Information, Setting Desired Speed, Detection of a Vehicle in Front, Setting Desired Distance, Driver
      Intervention Prompt, Increasing Speed Over Desired Speed (OVERRIDE Mode), Deactivating Adaptive Cruise Control (READY Mode), Activating Adaptive Cruise
      Control (RESUME Mode), System Settings, Fault Displays/Deactivation
  • Mode of Operation
    • General Mode of Operation, Mode Diagram
  • Data Flow
    • System Layout, CAN Data Exchange, Block Diagram
  • Service 
    • Setting of Distance Control Sender, Diagnosis, Special Tools

This Self- Study Program (SSP) is not a Repair Manual. Its purpose is to describe new designs and functions. All values in this program are meant to help your understanding of the program and are based on the software version that was valid at the time the SSP was developed.

For service and repair work, use the current technical literature.

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 50

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