Self Study Program 999303 – Audi A8L Electrical

VAG SSP 999303. There are numerous new and updated electrical systems on the 2004 Audi A8L. This Self-Study Program covers changes to the following components and systems:

  • Data Bus Diagnostic Interface
  • Energy Management System
  • Display in Instrument Panel Insert
  • Comfort Systems
  • Rear Lid Open/Close
  • Inclination/Anti-Theft System
  • Vehicle Electrical System Module
  • Vehicle Electrical System Module 2
  • Door Control Modules
  • Roof Electronics
  • Garage Door Opener
  • Access/Start Control


  • Introduction
    • Bus Arrangement
  • CAN Connectors
    • Drive System CAN/Convenience CAN Connectors, Star Connection, Test Box, Data Bus On Board Diagnostic Interface Versions, Data Exchange, Master Functions, Diagnosis
  • Data Bus Diagnostic Interface (J533)
    • On Board Diagnostic Interface Versions, Block Diagram, Data Exchange, Master Functions, Diagnosis, Control Element Test, Gateway Installation List, Encoding
  • Energy Management
    • Block Diagram, System Layout, Function Modules, Function Module Action, Battery Manager, Battery Status Display, MMI Displays, Charge Warning Lamp (Alternator Lamp), Closed Circuit Manager, Deactivation Stages, Operating Principle, Gradual Closed Circuit Current Reduction, Systems Involved, Alternator, Dynamic Management, Battery Voltage Regulation, Load Shedding, DTC Entry, Final Control Diagnosis, Service Work, External Starting
  • Display In Instrument Panel Insert (J285)
    • Immobilizer Warning Lamp, Vehicle Speed Signal, Fuel Gauge, Engine Coolant Temperature (ECT) Gauge (G3), Block Diagram
  • Comfort System (J393)
    • Master Functions, Activation of Rear Left and Right Footwell Lights, Rear Roller Blind, Luggage Compartment Lights, Heated Rear Window Z1, Block Diagram, Taillight Activation
  • Rear Lid
    • Operation, Block Diagram
  • Inclination/Anti-Theft (J529)
    • Design, Operation, Block Diagram, Diagnosis
  • Vehicle Electrical System
    • Functions, Master Functions, Substitute Master Function, Block Diagram, Versions, Energy Management, System Layout, Diagnosis, Basic Settings, Control Element Test, Encoding
  • Wiper Motor (J400)
    • Functions, Block Diagram, Front Hood Switch (F266), Operation
  • Electrical System Module 2 (J520)
    • Master Functions, Block Diagram, System Layout, Hose Heater for Windshield Washer System, Servotronic Solenoid Valve (N119), Headlight Washer System, Energy Management, Diagnosis, Control Element Test, Encoding
  • Door Control Modules J386 to J389
    • Substitute Master Function, “Ambient” Lighting in Doors (Optional), Versions, Diagnosis
  • Roof Electronics (J528)
    • Function, Lighting Profiles, Restriction of Functions, Interior Lights Activated by Lighting Profiles, Diagnosis, Block Diagram
  • Garage Door Opener (J530)
    • Control, Function Master, Operation, Distributed Functions, Restriction of Functions, Component Protection, Self-Diagnosis
  • Access/Start Control (J518)
    • Functions, Terminal Control, Versions, Diagnosis, CAR Systems, System Layout, Block Diagram, Entry and Start Authorization (E415), Steering Column Lock Control, Central Locking Buttons (E369-E372, Optional)

This Self- Study Program (SSP) is not a Repair Manual!

Its purpose is to describe new design features and functions of the VAS 5051
All values given in this program are intended to facilitate your understanding of the program, and are based on the software version that was valid at the time the SSP was developed.

For service and repair work, use the current technical literature.

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 91

Self Study Program 999303 – Audi A8L Electrical