Self Study Program 243 – Pneumatic suspension system Part 2 4-level air suspension in the Audi allroad quattro

VAG SSP 243. The 4-level air suspension system in the allroad quattro is a logical development of the selflevelling system in the Audi A6. The principles of the suspension/air suspension system and the description of those system components which are identical in the 4-level air suspension system are described in SSP 242. The contents of this self-study program are supplementary to the contents of SSP 242.


Designing a vehicle this perfect for on and off-road use sounds like squaring the circle. Usually the strengths of an off-road vehicle are decided weaknesses when it comes to road use.

A high ground clearance, crucial for rough terrain, gives the vehicle a correspondingly high centre of gravity.

When it comes to fast cornering, however, this is as disadvantageous as it is for driving stability at higher speeds. In addition, the air resistance is increased, which significantly affects fuel consumption.

In contrast, the shorter spring travel and the firmer running gear matching of an “on-road running gear” offer inadequate driving comfort off-road.

A variable ground clearance is the solution for all road use and it’s called 4-level air suspension. The air suspension realised in the allroad quattro is based on the familiar self-levelling system of the Audi A6.


  • System description
  • Operation and display
    • Operation
    • Display
  • Control strategies
    • Control strategies, control unit 4Z7 907 553A
    • Control strategies, control unit 4Z7 907 553B
    • ESP safety switching
  • System components
    • Air springs
    • Air suspension
    • Diagram of pneumatic system
    • Solenoid valves
    • Temperature sensor G290
    • Pressure sensor G291
    • Level senders G76, G77, G78, G289
    • Warning lamp K134
    • Operating unit E281
  • Interfaces
    • CAN information exchange
    • Additional interfaces
    • Function diagram
  • Control concepts
    • Self-levelling suspension control unit J197
    • Modes
  • Service
    • Special tools
    • Basic system settings
    • Self-diagnosis
    • General overview

The self-study programme will provide you with information on the design and functions of the different assemblies/systems.
The self-study programme is not intended as a workshop manual.
For maintenance and repairs please refer to the current technical literature.

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 44

Self Study Program 243 – Pneumatic suspension system Part 2 4-level air suspension in the Audi allroad quattro Design and function PDF free