Self Study Program 971303 – Audi New Data Bus Systems

Self Study Program 971303 – Audi New Data Bus Systems PDF free online

The demand for increases in functionality and comfort in automobiles stimulates an
ever-increasing need for more and better vehicle electronic systems.

When the first Audi A8 was introduced in 1994, 15 control modules were sufficient to
support all vehicle functions. The number of control modules used in the new 2003
Audi A8, has increased five-fold.

This increase in the use of electronics spurred a search for new ways to transmit
data between the individual control modules in the vehicle.

The Audi introduction of the CAN data bus in the mid-nineties was a first and important step. However, the CAN data bus system strains against the limits of data
transmission rates, especially for Infotainment applications.

To fill the need for rapid transmission of increasing amounts of information, data-
transmission systems have been developed to suit the specific needs of the vehicle systems that they serve. Service and on-board diagnostics also profit from these developments.

Based on the limitations of current networks, the increasing number of control modules needed and their divided functions, and the increasing amount of data exchange required, further developments in data transmission technology must be exploited for use in

The following data exchange innovations have been added to the familiar CAN data
bus systems already in place for use in

Audi vehicles:

  • Single-wire data bus – Local Interconnect Network (LIN) data bus.
  • Fiber-optic data bus – Media-Oriented Systems Transport (MOST) data bus.
  • Wireless data bus – Bluetooth wireless data transmission technology


  • Introduction
    • Innovation, Overview
  • Local Interconnect Network Data Bus
    • Introduction, LIN Master Control Modules, LIN Slave Control Modules, Data Transmission, Signal, Transmission Reliability, Messages, Message Header, Message
      Contents (Response), Theft Protection, Diagnosis
  • Fiber-Optic Data Bus 
    • Introduction, Transmission Rates of Media, Control Module Design, Fiber-Optic Cable, Ring Structure of the Fiber-Optic Data Bus, System Manager, MOST Fiber-Optic Data Bus System Conditions, Message Frames, Function Flow in the MOST Fiber-Optic
      Data Bus, Transmission of Sound and Video as Synchronous Data, Diagnosis
  • Bluetooth
    • Introduction, Design and Function, Diagnosis
  • Diagnosis CAN Data Bus
    • Overview
  • Knowledge Assessment

The Self-Study Program provides you with information regarding designs and functions.
The Self-Study Program is not a Repair Manual.
For maintenance and repair work, always refer to the current technical literature.

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 61

Self Study Program 971303 – Audi New Data Bus Systems PDF free online

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