Self Study Program 282 – AUDI A8 2003 – Technical Features

VAG SSP 282. Complete vehicle information. The design and operation of the Audi A8 2003 are described in the following Self Study Programmes:


  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Passenger Protection
    • System layout
    • Block diagram
    • Safety systems
  • Engine, Mechanics
    • Technical data of V8 4.2 l 5V engine
    • Technical data of V8 3.7 l 5V engine
    • System layout
    • Electrohydraulic torque reaction support
    • Exhaust system
    • Fuel tank
    • Automatically controlled starting
  • Gearbox
  • Running Gear
    • Front axle
    • Rear axle
    • 4-level air suspension
    • System layout
    • Electric parking brake
    • Adaptive cruise control
  • Electrical System
    • Bus topology
    • Convenience and security electronics
    • Lighting system
  • Heating/Air Conditioner
    • Design and operation
    • Operating principle
    • Blower unit/air routing
    • System layout
    • Block diagram for front air conditioner
    • Block diagram for rear air conditioner

The Self Study Programme contains information on design features and functions.

The Self Study Programme is not intended as a Workshop Manual. Values given are only intended to help explain the subject matter and relate to the software version applicable at the time of SSP compilation.

Use should always be made of the latest technical publications when performing maintenance and repair work.

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 96

Self Study Program 282 – AUDI A8 ´03 – Technical Features PDF free online