Toyota A761E Transmission Repair Manual (RM1050U)

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Comprehensive technical information and detailed instructions for servicing and repairing the Toyota A761E automatic transmission.
  • Step-by-step procedures, accompanied by clear illustrations and diagrams, guide users through disassembly, inspection, component replacement, and reassembly.
  • Covers all major transmission components, including:
    • Torque converter
    • Planetary gearsets
    • Clutches and bands
    • Valve body
  • Provides valuable insights into the operation and functionality of the Toyota A761E automatic transmission.
  • Essential for professional transmission technicians and DIY enthusiasts who want to maintain or repair their Toyota’s transmission.

Technical Specifications and Details:

  • Covers the A761E automatic transmission used in various Toyota vehicles, including:
    • Camry
    • Avalon
    • Sienna
  • Includes detailed specifications, torque values, and diagnostic procedures.
  • Organized into logical sections for easy navigation and reference.
  • Written by experienced Toyota transmission engineers and technicians.

Benefits of Using the Toyota A761E Transmission Repair Manual (RM1050U):

  • Accurately diagnose and repair transmission problems
  • Troubleshoot and resolve transmission malfunctions
  • Perform routine maintenance and inspections
  • Understand the operation and functionality of the Toyota A761E automatic transmission
  • Save time and money by performing repairs yourself
  • Ensure the optimal performance and reliability of your Toyota’s transmission


  • 2004-2006 Toyota Lexus LS 430
  • 2006-2007 Toyota Lexus GS 430
  • 2006-2010 Toyota Lexus SC 430

To assist you in finding your way through the manual, the Section Title and major heading are given at the top of every page.

Preparation lists the SST (Special Service Tools), recommended tools, equipment, lubricant and  SSM (Special Service Materials) which should be prepared before beginning the operation and explains the purpose of each one.

Most repair operations begin with an overview illustration. It identifies the components and shows how the parts fit together. The procedures are presented in a step-by-step format:

  • The illustration shows what to do and where to do it.
  • The task heading tells what to do.
  • The detailed text tells how to perform the task and gives other information such as  specifications and warnings.

References have been kept to a minimum. However, when they are required you are given the page to refer to.

Specifications are presented in bold type throughout the text where needed. You never have to leave the procedure to look up your specifications. They are also found at the back of AX section, for quick  reference.

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 107

Toyota A761E Transmission Repair Manual (RM1050U) PDF free online