Self Study Program 892303 – The Phaeton W12 Engine Management System

VAG SSP 892303. This Self-Study Program will familiarize you with the ME 7.1.1 engine management system, the interaction between the two control modules, the sensors, the actuators and individual subsystems.

The Motronic ME 7.1.1 engine

management system for the W12 engine allows high engine performance with low fuel consumption by adapting to all operating conditions. At the heart of the Motronic ME 7.1.1 are two electronic engine control modules. This concept treats the two cylinder banks as two separate engines.

Each engine control module is assigned to one bank of the engine. Certain critical inputs, such as engine coolant temperature, report only to the primary Engine Control Module 1 J623. Engine Control Module 2 J624 obtains information only from Engine Control Module 1 J623 via the CAN data bus.

This internal CAN data bus serves exclusively to exchange information between the two engine control modules. For additional information on the W engine series, refer to The W Engine Concept, Self-Study Program Course Number 821203.


  • Introduction
    • The Motronic ME 7.1.1
  • System Overview
    • Engine Control Module 1 J623, Engine Control Module 2 J624
  • Subsystems
    • Fuel Injection System, Ignition System, Knock Control, Variable Valve Timing, Oxygen Sensor Control, EVAP System, Cruise Control System Without Adaptive Cruise Control, Electronic Power Control, Secondary Air System, Engine Mount Damping Control, Electronically Controlled Engine Cooling
  • Functional Diagram
    • ME 7.1.1 Functional Diagram for Phaeton W12 Engine
  • Service
    • Self-Diagnosis System
  • Knowledge Assessment

The Self-Study Program provides you with information regarding designs and functions.
The Self-Study Program is not a Repair Manual.
For maintenance and repair work, always refer to the current  technical literature.

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 72

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