Self Study Program 890253 – Volkswagen Driver Assistance Systems Version 2

VAG SSP 890253. This Self-Study Program provides information regarding the design and function of new models. This Self-Study Program is not a Repair Manual.

Did You Know?

An on-board computer requires 0.25 seconds to react to an impending danger. A person only overcomes their surprise and reacts after about a one-second delay.

Driver Assist System Development

Increasing traffic density, higher travel speeds, increasing mobile and vehicle alerts all place extra pressure on the driver. Passive safety systems such as Anti-Lock Braking Systems (ABS), side impact protection or airbags have all helped in significantly reducing the number of accidents resulting in severe, or even fatal, injuries. However, these systems cannot alert a driver to impending dangers.

The history of the automobile is a history of technical progress. Improving safety and comfort has always been an important part of this progress. The very first “seat belt” was patented in 1903. The invention of ABS in the 1960’s was an important step for increasing safety when driving and reducing the number of accidents. Scientific studies have revealed that over 50% of all collisions are caused by a delayed response, or reaction failure of the driver. The weakest link in the chain when reacting to dangerous situations is, and will remain, the driver. Driver Assist systems make the best co-drivers due to their ability to process information at a higher rate of speed and accuracy than their human counterpart.

Driver Assist systems help the driver avoid accidents by providing alerts, and in some cases intervening when the driver reaction is delayed and/or when the driver fails to respond. Today, Driver Assist systems can analyze the traffic situation, estimate dangers correctly, and in some cases, take appropriate action to mitigate damage and/or serious injuries.

It is important to note that no electronic system can relieve the driver of this responsibility. These systems can merely help drivers to remain focused on and be aware of their responsibility. The driver always retains legal responsibility for actions and vehicle behavior on the road.


  • Introduction to Drivers Assist Systems
  • Forward Radar Systems
    • Radar Sensor Overview
    • Front Assist
    • Front Assist with Autonomous Emergency Braking
    • Adaptive Cruise Control Overview
    • Adaptive Cruise Control (Basic)
    • Adaptive Cruise Control (Advanced)
  • Multi-Function Camera
    • Lane Assist
    • Lane Assist for Touareg
  • Rear Radar
    • Blind Spot Monitoring
    • Rear Traffic Alert
  • Ultrasonic Sensors
    • Park Distance Control
    • Park Assist
  • Area View
  • Service
  • Glossary
  • Knowledge Assessment

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For maintenance and repair procedures, always refer to the latest electronic service information.

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 65

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