Self Study Program 76 – Skoda GreenLine models

VAG SSP 76. As one of its high priority targets, the company Skoda Auto develops and manufactures products that are environmentally friendly in all stages of their life cycle. We place the main emphasis on the selection of recyclable materials. Skoda vehicles are produced using progressive technologies in modern production facilities that meet the most rigorous criteria.

Only lead-free electrophoresis (KTL) and water-dilutable paints are used for the corrosion protection of the painted parts of the vehicle.

The company’s strategy is to focus on the reduction in fuel consumption and emissions, therefore the engines offered by Skoda Auto comply with the applicable emission standards.

All products of Skoda Auto meet the laws and regulations on soil and water conservation. This approach enables vehicles produced by Skoda to comply with the demands in terms of technology, safety and quality, as well as fulfill the environmental protection requirements. Thus, Skoda Auto is committed to maintaining a clean environment, without sacrificing the mobility and customer satisfaction.

The effort to reduce the environmental impact of vehicles as much as possible, is noticeable since the seventies of the last century, when the first regulations for the reduction of pollutants contained in  exhaust gases came into effect.

A significant reduction in emissions was primarily achieved in the last fifteen years, due to the introduction of new technologies and the development in electronics and computer technology.

The Euro 5 standard sets limit values for the most common pollutants contained in exhaust gases (in grams per kilometer), in particular for diesel engines.


  • Generation of GreenLine models
  • Engine equipment of the GreenLine II models
  • Designation of the GreenLine II models
  • Skoda Fabia GreenLine II
  • Skoda Roomster GreenLine II
  • Skoda Octavia GreenLine II
  • Skoda Yeti GreenLine II
  • Skoda Superb GreenLine II
  • Recuperation
  • Start-stop system
  • Diesel particle filter

You will find the instructions for the assembly, disassembly, repair, diagnostics as well as detailed user information in the workshop manuals, the diagnostic units VAS and in the onboard literature.

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