Self Study Program 295 – Diagnosis with VAS 5051, VAS 5052 and VAS 5053

VAG SSP 295. This self-study program should help you use the VAS 5051 vehicle diagnosis, measuring and information system, the VAS 5052 vehicle diagnosis and service information system and the VAS 5053 vehicle diagnosis system properly in the service core process and the diagnosis process.

There are constantly new innovations in vehicles. Simple tools are not suitable for diagnosis on these vehicles, therefore increasingly complex diagnosis systems are required.

Diagnosis in Volkswagen and Audi vehicles was originally performed with the V.A.G 1550 tester and has been further developed with the V.A.G 1551 and V.A.G 1552 testers.

However, today’s vehicles have electronic equipment that requires extensive diagnosis functions.

This self-study program looks at innovations in diagnosis systems. Please refer to the operating manuals for the latest information on use of these diagnosis systems. The screenshots are examples and may differ from the screen content of the diagnosis systems. The number of screenshots has been reduced to the essential for reasons of clarity.


  • Introduction
  • Diagnosis Systems
  • Operating Modes
  • Vehicle Self-diagnosis
  • Measuring Technology
  • Guided Fault Finding
  • Guided Functions
  • Administration
  • Time Management
  • Online Connection
  • Remote Diagnosis
  • Emissions Testing Station
  • Glossary
  • Test Yourself

The self-study programme shows the design and function of new developments. The contents will not be updated. For current testing, adjustment and repair.

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 100

Self Study Program 295 – Diagnosis with VAS 5051, VAS 5052 and VAS 5053 Procedures and Function PDF free online