Self Study Program 534 – The 1.4L 3-cylinder TDI Engine in the EA288 Diesel Engine Family

VAG SSP 534 . The latest instalment of the modular diesel matrix has resulted in the development of the new 1.4 l, 3-cylinder TDI engine. It is a member of the EA288 diesel engine family, and is being used for the first time in the Polo 2015.

The engine is available in three power versions: 55 kW, 66 kW and 77 kW.

Further information on the EA288 diesel engine family can be found in Self-study Programme no.  514 “The New EA288 Diesel Engine Family” and in Self-study Programme no. 526 “The EA288 Diesel Engine Family with Emission Standard Euro 6”.


  • Introduction
    • The 1.4 l, 3-cylinder TDI engine
  • Engine mechanics
    • Cylinder block
    • Crankshaft group
    • Cylinder head
    • Balancer shaft module
    • Toothed belt drive
    • Poly V-belt drive
    • Camshaft housing
    • Oil circuit
    • Thermal management system
    • Air duct system
    • Fuel system
  • Engine management system
    • System overview.
    • Engine control unit
    • Air regulation system
    • Dual-circuit exhaust gas recirculation
    • Charge air cooling
    • Glow plug system
    • Exhaust system
  • Service
    • Special tools
  • Test your knowledge

The self-study programme presents the design and function of new developments!
The content will not be updated.
Current testing, setting and repair instructions can be found in the provided service literature.

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 44

Self Study Program 534 – The 1.4 l 3-cylinder TDI Engine in the EA288 Diesel Engine Family Design and Function PDF free online