Self Study Program 518 – The Infotainment System in the Golf 2013 Part I

VAG SSP 518. This booklet on the infotainment system in the Golf 2013 can therefore only provide a snapshot of how things currently stand.

There have been rapid advances in electronic development since the introduction of the first infotainment systems. Vehicle systems are increasingly interconnected and, as a result, new forms of information and assistance functions have been made possible. Commercial entertainment and  information media have also undergone further development and provide an increasing range of services and information. It is simply the next logical step in this development that users should now expect to access these services using vehicle electronics.

The role of infotainment has therefore assumed an ever greater importance as the interface between these external information sources and data services, such as the internet, the vehicle system and vehicle passengers.

The basic requirement for achieving this role is effective data bus systems, which allow the required information to be exchanged between the systems. Intuitive user guidance for operating the infotainment system is already familiar from the world of smartphones. This approach is now providing further potential for developments in infotainment system operation.

New functions and display options will emerge and the Golf’s range of infotainment functions will continue to expand.

You will find further information on infotainment in the Golf 2013 in the self-study programme no. 519 “The Infotainment System in the Golf 2013, Part II.”


  • Introduction
    • The development of infotainment
    • What’s new?
  • Modular Infotainment System MIB
    • The basic idea behind the MIB
    • The infotainment touchscreen
    • The operating and display unit for the MIB
  • Networking concept
    • The MIB in the Golf 2013 data bus
  • Aerial systems
    • The aerial system using Europe as an example
    • Digital radio reception
  • Driving mode selection
    • The basic concept of the driving mode selection
    • Activation and choice of driving mode
    • The networking concept in driving mode selection
    • Driving mode and selection options
  • Glossary

The self-study programme presents the design and function of
new developments!
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Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 40

Self Study Program 518 – The Infotainment System in the Golf 2013 Part I Design and function PDF free online