Self Study Program 519 – The Infotainment System in the Golf 2013 Part II

VAG SSP 519. All areas concerned with infotainment continue to be exciting. In this booklet we would like to introduce you to current  developments, using the Golf 2013 and Golf GTI/GTD 2013 as an examples.

Consumers want to be able to access the wealth of information on the Internet easily and conveniently from their own vehicles. This requires increasingly complex and higher performance networking structures. This is accomplished by connecting the various functions and functional units in the vehicle to new system components, such as the vehicle’s WLAN or the new mobile online service. As more more information is being handled and transmitted, efficient transmission paths are essential. It is therefore not surprising that for certain areas in the modular infotainment matrix (MIB) greater use is made of fibre optic technology for internal data transmission in the infotainment system (e.g. in the MOST data bus).

Another customer request concerns matching the character of the vehicle to driver preferences. For this reason the driver profiles that were supplied with the Golf 2013 when it was launched on the market need to be constantly expanded and developed. All of these issues result in more comprehensive networking of the various vehicle systems.


  • Introduction
    • What’s new?
  • Networking concept
    • The MOST150 data bus
    • The aerial systems
  • Telephone preparations
    • Overview of the mobile telephone preparations
    • The “Comfort” mobile telephone interface
    • The “Premium” mobile telephone interface
  • Driving profiles
    • The driving profile selection in the Golf 2013
  • Sound system
    • The high-end sound system “DYNAUDIO Excite”
  • Service
    • Diagnostics and working on the MOST150 data bus
    • Updating navigation data
  • Glossary
  • Test your knowledge 

The self-study programme presents the design and function of new developments!
The content will not be updated.
Current testing, setting and repair instructions can be found in the provided service literature.

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 32

Self Study Program 519 – The Infotainment System in the Golf 2013 Part II Design and Function PDF free online