Self Study Program 455 – 2.0L TDI engines in the T5 2010

VAG SSP 455. In this self-study programme, you can find out about the design and function of the new engine generation. With the T5 2010, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles is taking a new path in engine strategy.

The tried-and-tested 1.9l and 2.5l pump/nozzle engines used previously have been replaced by a new generation of the 2.0l common rail engines.

This new engine generation ensures that future, stricter exhaust standards will be complied with.

Further development targets included lower fuel consumption and reduced operating costs.
Please also note the following self-study programmes that have been prepared for The new T5 2010 by Volkswagen Nutzfahrzeuge:


  • Introduction
    • The technical features of the 2.0l TDI engines
  • The 2.0l TDI engine
    • The engine block
    • The cylinder head
    • The exhaust gas recirculation
    • The crankcase breather
    • The exhaust manifold module
    • The intake manifold
    • The oil filter module
    • The coolant circuit with ball thermostat
  • Engine management of the 2.0l TDI engine
    • The management system
    • The glow plug system
    • The common rail injection system
  • The 2.0l TDI engine with bi-turbo unit
    • The engine and its special features
    • The crankcase
    • The oil filter module
    • The bi-turbo unit
  • Engine management with bi-turbo unit
    • The charge air system of the bi-turbo unit
  • System overview
  • Function diagram
  • Service
    • Special tools
    • Notes on work on the bi-turbo unit
  • Test your knowledge

The self-study programme shows the design and function of new developments!
The content is not updated.
For current inspection and setting instructions, and workshop manuals, please refer to the service literature that is provided.

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 48

Self Study Program 455 – 2.0l TDI engines in the T5 2010 Design and function PDF free online