Self Study Program 425 – EcoFuel Natural Gas Drive with 1.4L 110 kW TSI Engine

VAG SSP 425. After the successful application of the EcoFuel natural gas drive in the Touran and Caddy, this technology is now also being used in the Passat, Passat Estate and Touran – for the first time in conjunction with a TSI twincharger engine.

From an environmental viewpoint, increased use of this technology is worthwhile because the emission of harmful exhaust gases are reduced considerably compared with petrol operation, for example, carbon dioxide (CO2) by 25 %.

The Passat TSI EcoFuel with 7-speed dual clutch gearbox therefore produces just 119 g/km of CO2 in natural gas mode.

Furthermore, the exhaust gases produced in natural gas mode do not contain sulphur, soot or fine dust.

On the following pages, we will introduce you to the design and function of the natural gas drive in the Passat TSI EcoFuel. You will find further information on the topic of natural gas in self-study programme no. 262 “Natural gas – an alternative fuel for motor vehicles” and no. 373 “EcoFuel Natural Gas Drive in Touran und Caddy”.


  • Introduction
    • The Passat TSI EcoFuel
    • The 1.4 l 110 kW TSI twincharger engine
  • Engine Components
    • Changes to engine components
  • Natural Gas Drive
    • The Passat TSI EcoFuel natural gas drive
  • Engine Management
    • System overview
    • Engine control unit J623
    • Sensors
    • Actuators
    • Electronic gas pressure regulator
    • Dash panel insert
    • Functional diagram
  • Service
    • Special tools
    • Special features of natural gas vehicles
  • Test Yourself

The self-study programme portrays the design and function of new developments!
The contents will not be updated.
For current testing, adjustment and repair instructions, refer to the relevant service literature.

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Pages: 28

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