Self Study Program 262 – Natural gas – an alternative fuel for motor vehicles

VAG SSP 262 . With this self-study programme we would like to introduce you to the special features of the bivalent natural gas drive system for Volkswagen vehicles (centred around the framework conditions in Germany).

Within the process of reducing harmful emissions caused by traffic in built-up cities and the rising costs of petrol and diesel fuel, more emphasis is being placed on natural gas as an alternative power source to drive motor vehicles.

Gas as a power source to drive vehicles is not a modern invention. It has a long history. Even the first internal combustion engine – the patent for which was applied for by Nikolaus Otto in 1876 – was  developed in the Deutz AG gas engine factory.

Within the scope of further motor vehicle engine development, gas technology, as well as other drive concepts, was always a source upon which engineers could fall back on – mostly in times of emergency.

This lead to vehicles being equipped with storage tanks, in which town gas or a mixture of propane/butane was filled, or the gas was generated directly in gas generators from wood or anthracite while the vehicle was in motion.

In this day and age, Volkswagen offers the Golf BI FUEL as a series production vehicle with bivalent natural gas drive (vehicle can be driven with natural gas or petrol).

The Transporter ’91 > can be equipped with a retrofit option for bivalent natural gas powered operation.

Please note that there will be country-specific differences with regards to legal requirements.


  • Introduction
    • Natural gas
    • Natural gas compared with other fuels
    • Supply of natural gas
      Comparison and laws affecting its use
  • Engine technology
    • The Transporter ‘91 bivalent
    • The Golf BI FUEL
  • Natural gas storage
    • The different methods of storing natural gas fuel
    • The gas tank
    • The tank test intervals
  • Natural gas components in Golf BI FUEL
    • Overview of components
  • Natural gas supply in Golf BI FUEL
    • System overview of natural gas supply
    • Flow chart of natural gas supply system
    • High pressure side
    • From high pressure to low pressure
    • The low pressure side
    • The technical safety concept
  • Engine management
    • The system overview of sensors and actuators
    • The system functions
    • The function chart, Transporter ‘91 bivalent
    • The function chart, Golf BI FUEL
  • Service
    • The legal requirements in Germany
    • The diagnosis
    • Associated special tools and workshop equipment
  • Glossary
    • Explanation of highlighted terms
  • Test your knowledge

The self-study programme represents the design and function of new developments!
The contents will not be updated. For instructions on testing, adjusting and repairs, please refer to the relevant service literature.

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 80

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