Self Study Program 405 – 1.4L 90kW TSI Engine with Turbocharger

VAG SSP 405. Over the following pages, we will introduce you to the differences in the design and function between the new 1.4l 90kW TSI engine and the engines with dual-charging. You will find further information on this engine in self-study programme no. 359 “1.4l TSI Engine with Dualcharging”.

The 1.4l 90kW TSI engine replaces the 1.6l 85kW FSI engine. Compared with the FSI engine,  fuel consumption and CO2 emissions have been reduced considerably and performance has  improved significantly.

The difference from the two TSI engines with dualcharging is the omission of the supercharger and a new charge-air cooling system.


  • Introduction
    • Technical features
    • Technical data
  • Engine Mechanics
    • Intake system
    • Cylinder head
    • Single-charging with turbocharger
    • Cooling systems
    • Charge-air cooling
    • Demand-regulated fuel system
  • Engine Management
    • System overview
    • Bosch Motronic MED 17.5.20
    • Sensors
    • Actuators
    • Functional diagram
  • Service
  • Test Yourself

The self-study programme shows the design and function of new developments.
The contents will not be updated.
For current testing, adjustment and repair instructions, refer to the relevant service literature.

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 32

Self Study Program 405 – 1.4l 90kW TSI Engine with Turbocharger Design and Function PDF free online