Self Study Program 291 – 6-speed Automatic Gearbox 09G

VAG SSP 291. This Self-Study program gives general descriptions of the 09G gearbox and shows the special features in combination with the Audi A3 ‘04 and Audi TT.

Dynamics and economy

The 6-speed automatic gearbox 09G sets new standards in the segment of transversely mounted multi-step automatic gearboxes:

  • Low weight
  • Wide ratio spread
  • Compact gearbox dimensions
  • High shifting speed
  • High level of shift comfort

Brief technical description

6-speed automatic gearbox using the Lepelletier planetary gear set concept. The wide ratio spread * of 6.05 provides flexibility in use (sport or economy mode). Only five gear shifting components are required. Highly compact, lightweight and powerful. There are three gearshift modes to choose from: sport program and manual gear selection by tiptronic. In triponic mode, it is possible to start in second gear.


  • General
    • Introduction
    • Specifications
    • Sectional view of gearbox 09G
  • Gearbox periphery
    • Gear selector of the Audi A3 ‘04
    • Selector lever locks on the Audi A3 ‘04
    • Ignition key removal lock on the Audi A3 ‘04
    • Gear selector of the Audi TT
    • Tiptronic steering wheel
  • Gearbox subassemblies
    • Torque converter
    • Torque converter lock-up clutch
    • Oil supply/lubrication
    • Planetary gear/shifting components
    • Hydraulic control
    • Shift logic
    • Description of gears/torque curve
    • Parking lock.
  • Gearbox control
    • Function diagram
    • Automatic gearbox control unit J217
    • Sensors
    • Interfaces/auxiliary signals
    • CAN information exchange
    • Distributed functions in the Audi A3 ‘04/Dynamic Shift Program DSP
    • Tiptronic gearshift strategy/sport program
  • Service
    • Emergency running/towing
    • Special tools
  • Glossary
    • Terms

The basics for this Self-Study Programme are covered in the multimedia training course “Power Transmission 2” and in the previously published self-study programmes on multi-step automatic gearboxes.

The Self-Study Programme is not a Repair Manual!
The values given are intended as a guideline only and refer to the software version valid at the time of publication of the SSP.

For maintenance and repair work, always refer to the current technical literature.

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 76

Self Study Program 291 – 6-speed Automatic Gearbox 09G PDF free online