Self Study Program 217 – The V8-5V Engine Construction

VAG SSP 217F. AUDI has been producing advanced 8-cylinder engines since 1988. Their capacity has increased from 3.6l to 4.2l. The V8 engine in combination with Aluminium Space Frame technology was the technical basis for Audi’s breakthrough into the luxury class.

Steps to enhance the value of the Audi A8 have included the redesign of the V8 engine. The new V8-5V engines are now also available for the Audi A6 model range.


  • Introduction
    • Technical data
  • Engine – Mechanics
    • Crankgear
    • Engine mounting
    • Engine lubrication
    • Cooling circuit
    • Cylinder head
    • Five-valve technology
    • Roller rocker
    • Camshaft adjuster
    • Toothed-belt drive; cylinder-head seal
    • Cylinder-head cover seal
    • Exhaust manifold
  • Engine – Motronic Subsystems
    • Variable intake manifold
    • Secondary air system
  • Engine Management
    • System overview
    • Function diagram
    • Quick-start functions
    • Camshaft position sensor
    • Engine run-down sensor
    • Electronic throttle function
    • CAN bus interfaces
    • Additional signals / interfaces
  • Service

The self-study programme provides you with information concerning the engine’s construction features and functions.
The self-study programme is not a repair manual!
When carrying out maintenance and repair work, it is essential to use the latest technical literature.

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 52

Self Study Program 217 – The V8-5V Engine Construction Features and Functions PDF free online