Fiat Coupe Service Manual

Fiat Coupe Service Manual PDF. This manual contains the main instructions for the repair and maintenance operations for the Coupe Fiat.

The section INTRODUCTION AND TECHNICAL DATA (00.) has the dual function of introducing the model and supporting the remaining part of the manual. This section includes the tables of technical data and specific information relating ot the remaining sections of the manual.

The remaining sections (10. -18. etc.) include the descriptions relating to the repair operations.
In this manual graphic representations and symbols are used in place of descriptions for mechanical components, operations or repair methods.

The use of colour for a component or part of one, serves to draw the operator’s attention to the object to be measured or checked.

ENGINES Section 10 illustrates the operations of removing-refitting the power units. the operations on the vehicle and the various fuel, lubrication and cooling systems for each type of engine.

The procedure for overhauling engines, is published in a separate booklet under the following print no.:

1995 16v – 7995 J6v turbo 504.578108 and 504.589/09

The Coupe Fiat is a three box vehicle with a load carrying bodywork, transversely mounted engine and front wheel drive

The Coupe Fiat is produced with 2 different engines in a Standard and Plus version.

The Coupe Fiat is powered by a 1995 cc 4 cylinder in line engine with 4 valves per cylinder, has We-ber-Marelli IAW integrated electronic injection/’ignition and develops a power output of 102 kW (142 CV DIN) (bhp).

The Coupe Fiat turbo is powered by a 1995 cc 4 cylinder in line engine with 4 valves per cylinder, has Weber – Marelli IAW integrated electronic injection/ignition, is supercharged by a Garret T3 turbocharger and develops a power output of 140 kW (196 CV DIN) (bhp).


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