Fiat 127 1049 cm3 Service Repair Manual

Fiat 127 (1049 cm3) Service And Repair Manual PDF. Since its first introduction in 1971 the FIAT 127 has undergone a continuing programme of improvements concerned mainly with styling and trim alterations. However, in 1977 a new model range was introduced which included the option of a larger engine of 1049 cc capacity with a single overhead camshaft. In appearance, cars in the new range are broadly similar to the earlier models but they have a lower bonnet line, larger glass area and redesigned bumpers.

In October 1978, the FIAT 127-Sport was launched. This is a high performance version of the three door hatchback having the 1049 cc engine with a twin choke carburettor. Apart from minor body styling changes, the Sport is equipped with a larger capacity sump, twin exhaust tailpipes, servo braking, additional instrumentation and a laminated windscreen.

This supplement has been added to cater for some of the production changes which have been made, but principally to cover the 1049 cc engine. The material given in Chapters 1 to 12 still applies unless superseded by information contained in this Supplement. Therefore, always read this Chapter in conjunction with the rest of the book.



  • 1049 cc engine – general
  • Crankshaft – refitting
  • Piston rings – refitting
  • Pistons and connecting rods – reassembly
  • Pistons – refitting
  • Connecting rods to crankshaft – reassembly
  • Oil pump – reassembly
  • Crankshaft oil seals and carriers – refitting
  • Sump – refitting
  • Auxiliary shaft and seal – refitting
  • Belt – pulleys and tensioner – refitting
  • Cylinder head and valve gear – reassembly
  • Distributor – refitting
  • Toothed drive belt – removal, refitting and adjusting
  • Valve clearances – adjustment
  • Engine – final assembly
  • Engine removal – 127 Special and 127 from chassis number 1104290 onwards

Fuel system

  • Carburettors – general
  • Weber or Solex single venturi carburettors
  • Weber dual venturi carburettor
  • Carburettor overhaul – general

Ignition system

  • Automatic centrifugal advance curves

Braking system

  • Brake fluid reservoir and vacuum servo unit (Sport)

Electrical system

  • Charging system
  • Fuses (127 Special)
  • Fuses (1049 cc models)

Bodywork and fittings

  • Model variations
  • Wing mouldings and front spoiler (Sport) – removal and refitting
  • Rear spoiler (Sport) – removal and refitting

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 34

Fiat 127 1049 cm3 Service Repair Manual