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Toyota Fault Codes

Toyota Fault Codes Repair and Vehicle Manual

Toyota fault code P0420

We live in a world that is in step with the times. Computer technology as early as the end of the last century did not pass by automobile production. The first car with on-board diagnostics was introduced by Volkswagen in 1968. On-board…

Toyota Avensis fault codes

Toyota Avensis fault codes list Code System or sensor Causes of malfunction Fault location Light indicator howl Memory – Norm In this case, none of the codes not detected – P 0100 Mass air flow sensor Breakage…

Toyota Diagnostic Trouble Codes

Toyota Diagnostic Trouble Codes list P0100 Air Flow Sensor Circuit Malfunction P0101 Flow sensor signal output from the permissible range P0102 Air Flow Sensor Low Output Level P0103 High flow sensor output P0105 Air Pressure Sensor…

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