Bright Corner Lights With Turn Signals

Have you ever looked at your turn signals and thought to yourself? I wish the running (parking) lights could be just as bright when on as normal? Then maybe you’ve stumped yourself looking for the solution to creating this modification. Well be stumped no longer. I’ve got the full instructions right here.


Materials needed:

Either of the following:

CALTERM tail-light converter (#08081)

Hoppy LiteMate tail-light converter (#48845)

These should be able to be found at the local Advance Auto, AutoZone, Pepboys, etc.



The converter has 3 wires going in to the unit and 2 wires that come out of the unit. They are described as follows:

CALTERM #08081


Car Side

Trailer Side

  1. brake
  2. left turn signal
  3. right turn signal a. left turn signal / brake
  4. right turn signal / brake

HOPPY #48845


Car Side

Trailer Side

GREEN = Right turn signal

RED = Brake

YELLOW = Left turn signal

BROWN = Taillight GREEN = Right turn / Brake

YELLOW = Light turn signal / Brake

BROWN = Taillight




First decided where to locate and mount the converter (some have put theirs next to the air filter).

Disconnect both wires on each corner light (leaving the black wire as it is).

Run three wires (two will be going from light to the converter and one from converter to light) from each corners to converter.

Connect both parking light wires (one from each side) to the wire on the connector that says brake. (Do this using one of the three wires mentioned above.)

Connect the left turn signal wire from the left corner light to left turn signal wire on converter using the second of the three wires mentioned earlier.

Connext the right turn signal wire from the right corner light to the right turn signal wire on the converter using the third of the three wires mentioned earlier.

If you have done everything as followed you should have all three wires going into the converter connected. Now you have two wires coming out of the converter, one for the left side and the other for the right side.


Use the last of the wires you ran from the lights to converter and use it to connect the wire coming out of the converter to the corner lights’ bright filament (where      the turn signal wire was connected).

It is recommended to be neat and organized with this installation. You should tuck all three cables going from the driver’s side in a wire loom and pulled them behind the grill to the air box opening on the passengers side so they are completely out of view.


Once you’ve finished the installation double-check your work and then verify that it was a success. Your parking light should be at full intensity at all times and the same light should blink when the turn signal is activated