Self Study Program 890203 – The Touareg Hybrid

VAG SSP 890203. The 2011 Touareg will be the first Volkswagen vehicle to be equipped with a hybrid powertrain. The Touareg Hybrid is a conventional vehicle that has been converted into a hybrid. This blends the hybrid technology with the already proven Touareg technology. During vehicle development, special emphasis was placed on employee safety when handling and servicing the high voltage technology.

Numerous shut-off and redundant functions in the hybrid system prevent danger to dealership employees.

The 2011 Touareg Hybrid is moving Volkswagen into an electrified future.


  • Introduction
  • Basics of Hybrid Technology
  • Mechanical Design
  • Electrical Components

This Self-Study Program provides information regarding the design and function of new models.
This Self-Study Program is not a Repair Manual.

This information will not be updated.
For maintenance and repair procedures, always refer to the latest electronic service information.

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 46

Self Study Program 890203 – The Touareg Hybrid