ZKE Fault codes – BMW Fault Code Lists

The ZKE (Central Body Electronics) system in BMW vehicles is responsible for various functions related to central locking, alarm systems, and more. Like other systems in BMW vehicles, the ZKE system can experience faults and errors that can be diagnosed using fault codes.

Our guide provides a comprehensive list of ZKE Fault Codes – BMW Fault Code Lists, including their descriptions, causes, and potential solutions. We cover all aspects of ZKE fault codes, including the different types of codes, how to read them using a scanner or by counting flashes on the check engine light, and what each code represents.

With our guide, you can confidently diagnose and troubleshoot issues with your BMW vehicle’s ZKE system. From identifying a faulty sensor to diagnosing a more complex issue with the system, understanding ZKE fault codes is an essential skill for any BMW owner.

It’s important to note that while the fault codes can provide valuable insights into issues with your BMW’s ZKE system, they’re not always 100% accurate. Sometimes, multiple codes may be triggered at once, or a code may be triggered due to a faulty sensor rather than an actual issue with the component. If you’re unsure about the issue with your BMW vehicle, it’s always best to consult with a professional mechanic or BMW dealership.

In conclusion, understanding ZKE Fault Codes – BMW Fault Code Lists is an essential skill for any BMW owner experiencing issues with their vehicle’s central locking, alarm systems, and more. With our comprehensive guide, you can confidently diagnose and troubleshoot any issues with your BMW, ensuring it stays in top condition for years to come.

15 Repeat-blocking was activated!
No fault!


24 Voltage supply disconnected!

2 Pin contact power lock – Drive for passenger door faulty
Check the power lock module circuit-breaker connection and
the connection to the pin contacts.
Is the mechanism working? (select power lock mode!)

11 Power lock relay is stuck!
One of the relay contacts is stuck.The relay must be

13 CRASH-sensor was activated!
No fault!

26 Internal fault!
There is an internal fault. Please delete the fault storage
and lock the power lock from the driver door.
In case of malfunction and if the fault is still stored, the
power lock module must be replaced!

28 Passengers-door-contact active for over 16 minutes!
The door was open longer than 16 minutes.
No fault! Please delete the fault storage!


2 Data exchange, driver’s door module and GM : disturbed
11 Sliding/tilting sunroof module : faulty
15 Input signal, terminal R on general module : faulty
24 Relay for wiper Speed 1 : disturbed
26 Washer-pump relay disturbed
62 Relay fault, closing driver’s side : front power window

2 Fuse for ZV
11 Electrical-load cutoff – short circuit or overload
13 Door-lock heater, short circuit
15 Lock contact
24 Relay for ZV double-locking does not pick up
26 Relay for driver’s door FH does not pick up
28 Relay for driver’s door FH does not pick up
62 Relay for ZV unlocking sticks

2 Data exchange driver door module with base-module (GM) faulty
11 Power sunroof module faulty
15 Incoming signal clamp R at the base module (GM) faulty
24 Relays wipestage 1 faulty
26 Relays washing pump faulty
28 Windshield-pressure module faulty
62 Fault by selecting: Close power window driver side front