ZF 5HP24 Automatic Transmission Spare Parts Catalog

The specifications and information shown in this catalog have been compiled from accepted and reliable sources and is believed to be accurate at the time of publication. While ZF Industries, Inc. believes this information is correct, no guarantee or warranty is made as to the accuracy of the information and ZF Industries, Inc. cannot and does not accept or assume any responsibilities for errors, omissions, or consequential harm or damages. Replacement parts should not be used when they do not appear to fit. ZF Industries, Inc. disclaims all liability and responsibility for any harm resulting from any such modifications.


  • 5HP24 Transmission Overview (North American Applications) Make / Model / Model Year
  • 5HP24 Technical Information
    • Torque, Gear Ratio & Weight
    • Transmission Oil Reference Guide
    • 5HP24 Lubrications
    • 5HP24 Technical Literature
    • 5HP24 General Transmission Oil Filling Procedure
  • 5HP24 Spare Parts
    • How To Use This Catalog
    • Gearbox Housing Group
    • Input Group
    • Oil Sump Group
    • Oil Supply Group
    • Output Group
    • Converter Group
    • Parking Lock Group
    • Brake Group
    • Planetary Drive Groups
    • Clutch Pack Groups
  • 5HP24 Valve Body
    • Duct Plate Group
    • Valve Housing Groups
  • 5HP24 Selective Shims, Snap Rings & Kit Content
    • 5HP24 Selective Shims & Snap Rings
    • 5HP24 Kit Content
  • Miscellaneous
    • Quotation / Order Form
    • Notes

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