ZF 4HP22 Transmission Service Repair Manual

This manual contains the exact work procedure to repair transmission 4 HP 22. Disassembly and assembly of the transmission is explained in chronological order. Depending on the failure, the repair of the transmission can be done as necessary.

Therefore, we recommend the following points:

  • Kick-down cable, gaskets, o-rings, sealrings, and sealing bushings should always be replaced.
  • If transmission has high mileage (over 31,250 miles 50,000 km)replace all clutch and steel plates.
  • After clutch breakdown in a transmission, it is absolutely necessary to clean torque converter, oil cooler, and oil cooler hoses with appropriate cleaning material.
  • All adjustments which are necessary during transmission assembly should be done as explained in point 1.4

There are the following requirements:

  • Special tools to repair transmission listed under 1.8 is the complete set of special tools.
  • Suitable test stand.

The necessary technical data is available in the ZF “Circular Letter”.


  • General Notes
  • Picture of Transmission
  • Power Flow Schedule
  • Adjustment Data
  • Position of Valve Body
  • Adjustment of kick-down cable
  • Determination of Axle Clearance
  • Tightening torques
  • Fault finding table
  • Checking of Transmission
  • Special Tools
  • Disassembling
  • Disassembling after sequence
  • 4th Gear Assembly
  • Output with Freewheel
  • Brake F
  • Clutch E
  • Planetary Set with Web Shaft and Brakes C C and D
  • Clutch B
  • Clutch A
  • Bellhousing with Intermediate Plate and Pump
  • Transmission Extension and Centrifugal Governor
  • Transmission Case with shift selection
  • Assembly
  • Transmission Case with Selector and Park
  • Brake F
  • Clutch E
  • Mounting and Assembly of 4th Gear Complete
  • Park Mechanism
  • Planetary Set 4th Gear
  • Web Shaft with Planetary Set
  • Cylinder C-D
  • Brake D with Freewheel 1. Gear
  • Brake C C
  • Clutch B
  • Clutch A
  • Pump Intermediate Plate and Bell Housing
  • Governor and Transmission Extension
  • Valve Body, Oil Pan and Torque Convertor

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 108

ZF 4HP22 Transmission Service Repair Manual PDF free online