VW Beetle, New Beetle, Golf, Jetta, New Beetle Cabrio, New Beetle RSI Repair Manual – Electrical Equipment General Information

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VW Beetle 2012, New Beetle 1999, Golf 2015, Jetta 2005, Jetta 2011, Jetta 2015, New Beetle Cabrio 2003, New Beetle RSI 2001, Beetle Cabriolet 2012 Repair Manual (Edition 01.2015 – D3E802072D0) – Electrical Equipment General Information

List of Workshop Manual Repair Groups

Battery, Starter, Generator, Cruise Control

  • Battery
  • Battery Types
  • Battery General Information
  • Warnings and Safety Precautions
  • Battery Post/Terminal
  • Battery, Checking
  • Different Types of Batteries, Checking
  • Visual Inspection
  • Color Display in Battery Cover, Checking, Visual Indicator
  • Battery Tester with Printer VAS5097A
  • Battery Tester VAS6161
  • Midtronics Battery Tester MCR340VKT
  • Battery Test with Vehicle Diagnostic Tester
  • Current Draw Test
  • Battery, Checking Resting Voltage, Vehicles in Storage or Inventory
  • Battery, Charging
  • Battery Charger VAS5095A
  • Battery Charger VAS5900
  • Battery Charger VAS5903
  • Battery Charger VAS5906
  • Battery Tester Charger Kit GRX3000VAS
  • Solar Battery Maintainer VAS6102A
  • Severely Discharged Batteries
  • Cruise Control System
  • Cruise Control System Function
  • Cruise Control System, Activating and Deactivating
  • Special Tools

Wiper/Washer Systems

  • Washer Fluid Hoses
  • Windshield and Rear Window Washer System
  • Headlamp Washer System
  • Washer Fluid Hoses, Servicing
  • Joint-Free Wiper Blade Characteristics
  • Joint-Free Wiper Blade Characteristics
  • Special Tools

Exterior Lights, Switches

  • HID Headlamp Usage and Safety Precautions
  • Safety Precautions

Interior Lights, Switches

  • Cigarette Lighter and Socket
  • Overview – Cigarette Lighter, 12 V Socket
  • Cigarette Lighter U1 , Removing and Installing
  • Socket Illumination Bulb L42 , Removing and Installing
  • Cigarette Lighter Illumination Bulb L28 , Removing and Installing
  • Special Tools


  • Description of Vehicle Diagnosis, Testing and Information Systems
  • Connect the Vehicle Diagnostic Tester
  • Vehicle Diagnostic Tester, Connecting, Golf MY 1998 through 2003
  • Connectors
  • Wiring Harnesses and Connectors, Repairing
  • Vehicle Electrical System, General Repair Information
  • Wiring Harnesses, Repairing
  • Connector Housings, Releasing and Disassembling
  • Connector Housings, Releasing and Disassembling
  • Connector Housings and Connectors, Repairing
  • Contact Surfaces, Cleaning
  • Contact Surface Cleaning Set VAS6410
  • Antenna Wires, Repairing
  • General Information
  • Overview – Antenna Wiring
  • New Antenna Wire, Installing
  • Fiber-Optic Cable
  • Fiber-Optic Cables, Repairing
  • Fiber-Optic Cable, Assembling
  • Fiber-Optic Cable, Disconnecting from Wiring Harness Connector
  • Heated Oxygen Sensor, Replacing
  • Heated Oxygen Sensor, Replacing, 4-Pin Universal Oxygen Sensor
  • Heated Oxygen Sensor, Replacing, 6-Pin Universal Oxygen Sensor
  • Oxygen Sensor Unit Protective Pipes
  • Special Tools
  • Revision History

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 144

VW Beetle, New Beetle, Golf, Jetta, New Beetle Cabrio, New Beetle RSI Repair Manual – Electrical Equipment General Information