VW 6-speed Automatic Transmission Volkswagen, Jetta 2005 Repair Manual

The “6 Spd. Direct Shift Automatic Transmission 02E Front Wheel Drive” is also called a double-clutch transmission. Engine torque is transferred to transmission via the dualmass flywheel. Transmission is constructed as a 6-speed manual transmission. Alternating hydraulic actuation of the two wet multi-plate clutches permits operation similar to that of an automatic transmission, i.e. the gears are engaged automatically or manually via the Tiptronic mode. A clutch pedal is not installed

If individual or several components or sensors fail, Direct Shift Gearbox (DSG) Mechatronic unit J743 activates the corresponding substitute functions or emergency running program. This ensures non-destructive operation of the transmission with respective implications on shift function and quality.

The maximum possible care, cleanliness and proper tools are essential to ensure satisfactory and successful transmission repairs. The usual basic safety precautions also apply when carrying out vehicle repairs. A number of generally applicable instructions for individual repair procedures, which are otherwise mentioned at various points in the Repair Manual, are summarized here. They apply to this Repair Manual.

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