Volvo V70 V70R XC70 XC90 2006 Wiring Diagram RSE TP 3993202

2006 Volvo V70, V70R, XC70, XC90 Wiring Diagram (RSE – REAR SEAT ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM) TP 3993202. These manuals are used in the inspection and repair of electrical circuits. The separate wiring manual for each model contains circuit diagrams of each electrical system, wiring route diagrams and diagrams showing the location of relays, etc.


  • Vehicles with SRS (Airbag)/SIPS bag/IC (Inflatable Curtain)
  • Abbreviations
  • How to use the wiring diagrams


  • Cargo compartment 11E
  • Cargo compartment 11M
  • Central Electronic Module (CEM)
  • Rear Electronic Module (REM)

Ground connections

  • 31/84


  • Rear Seat Entertainment V70
  • Rear Seat Entertainment XC90


  • 54/40D – 54/137A
  • 54/274 – 54/275
  • 54/1401 V70
  • 54/1401 XC90
  • 54/1402

Branching points

  • 53/448 – 53/1405

Cable harness routine in vehicle

  • Rear Seat Entertainment harnesses V70
  • Rear Seat Entertainment harnesses XC90

Component illustrations
List of components

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 29

Volvo V70 V70R XC70 XC90 2006 Wiring Diagram RSE TP 3993202

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