Volvo S40 V40 2003 Wiring Diagrams Manual

How to use the wiring diagrams. The descriptions below apply in general to all wiring diagram manuals, although not all sections are necessarily contained in this manual.

A. Component designation
Every component has a component designation that consists of two parts.
The first part is a type number that describes the type of component in question, for example 3/xx.
The second part of the designation is a serial number, for example, x/2.
Combined these give a component designation, for example, 3/2.
At the end of the manual is a list of components, where, with the help ofthe component designation, you can read off the name of the component, for example, 3/2 = light switch.
List of type numbers
The list shows which type of component that respective type numbers refer to, for example, 3/x = switch, 6/x = electric motor, etc.

B. Junction points
The wiring diagrams contain numbered junction points, e.g. 43/352.
This manual contains a section with a list ofjunction points. This list shows all the components which are connected to each junction point.
The location of the junction points is shown in the “Cable harness routing in vehicle” section.
C. Connectors
Connectors provide a bridge between two cables harnesses and are described in the “Connectors” section.
D: Electrical distribution
Operation of the fuses and relays is shown in the “Electrical distribution” section.
E. Data communication
Today’s cars are equipped with a CAN network, which transmits information. Connections to this networkare shown in their entirety on the respective wiring diagrams. Complete information on CAN communication is can be found in the section titled “Data communication”.
F. Abbreviations
A number of different abbreviations are used in the manual. These are explained in the section “Abbreviations”.
G. Component location
There is a section at the end of the manual in which the appearance and location of components is described in numerical order.

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 156

Volvo S40 V40 2003 Wiring Diagrams Manual

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