Volvo Early Model S80 2000 Wiring Diagram TP3944202

The Volvo Early Model S80 2000 Wiring Diagram TP3944202 is a crucial resource for automotive enthusiasts, technicians, and individuals working on the electrical systems of the early model Volvo S80 from the year 2000. This comprehensive wiring diagram provides detailed information and diagrams for the electrical connections and components of the vehicle.

Key features of the Volvo Early Model S80 2000 Wiring Diagram include:

  1. Extensive Coverage: The wiring diagram comprehensively covers the entire electrical system of the early model Volvo S80 from 2000, including the power distribution, lighting, audio, navigation, and various control modules.
  2. Detailed Diagrams: The wiring diagram presents detailed and clear diagrams that visually illustrate the electrical connections, component locations, and wiring schematics. This aids in comprehending the layout of the electrical system and identifying potential issues.
  3. Color Codes and Symbols: The wiring diagram employs color codes and symbols to facilitate the interpretation and understanding of the electrical connections. This enables technicians to quickly identify specific components and their corresponding wiring.
  4. Circuit Descriptions: Each circuit in the wiring diagram is accompanied by a description that explains the function and operation of the involved components. This helps technicians understand the purpose and interaction of different parts of the electrical system.

The early model Volvo S80 from 2000 had various engine options, including a 2.9L inline-six engine and a 2.8L turbocharged engine. This wiring diagram is specific to the early model S80 from 2000 and provides the necessary information for working on its electrical system.

It is important to note that the Volvo Early Model S80 2000 Wiring Diagram TP3944202 assumes a certain level of electrical knowledge and familiarity with automotive wiring systems. It should be used in conjunction with other technical resources and appropriate safety measures.

In conclusion, the Volvo Early Model S80 2000 Wiring Diagram TP3944202 is an essential tool for anyone working on the electrical system of the early model Volvo S80 from 2000. With its comprehensive coverage, detailed diagrams, and circuit descriptions, it provides the necessary information to accurately diagnose and repair electrical issues. By utilizing this wiring diagram, technicians can ensure the proper functioning and reliability of the electrical system in the early model Volvo S80.


  • Abbreviations
  • How to use the diagrams
  • Electrical distribution
  • Data communication
  • Ignition switch
  • Relays
  • general
  • in the engine compartment
  • in the passenger compartment
  • in the cargo compartment
  • Electronic switching
  • Central electronic module (CEM)
  • Rear electronic module (REM)
  • Fuses
  • in the engine compartment
  • in the passenger compartment
  • in the cargo compartment
  • Junction points
  • Cable harnesses – overview
  • Routing of cable harnesses in the car
  • Connectors overview
  • Connectors
  • Control modules – overview
  • Ground terminals
  • Group 23
  • Denso engine management system
  • ME7 engine management system
  • 5 cylinder engines
  • 6 cylinder engines
  • MSA 15.8 engine management system
  • Denso emissions control
  • ME7 emissions control
  • Group 26
  • Engine cooling fan (FC)
  • Group 27
  • Cruise control
  • Group 32
  • Power supply
  • Group 33
  • Starter system
  • Group 35
  • High and low beams
  • Headlamp range adjustment
  • Fog lamps
  • Parking lamps, tail lamps and license plate lighting
  • Stop (brake) lamps
  • Back-up (reversing) lamp …
  • Courtesy lighting
  • Instrument and control lighting
  • Safety lighting
  • Group 36
  • Turn signal lamps
  • Horn
  • Wipers/washers
  • Windshield
  • Headlamps
  • Cigarette lighter
  • Alarm
  • Immobilizer
  • On-board diagnostic system (OBD system)
  • Tow hitch cable harness
  • Auxiliary lamp wiring
  • Parking heater wiring
  • Group 38
  • Seat belt reminder …
  • Combined instrument panel
  • Group 39
  • Radio
  • Without extra amplifier
  • With extra amplifier
  • RTI Road Traffic Information
  • Mobile telephone
  • Group 43
  • Automatic transmission
  • AW 50-42
  • AW 55-50
  • 4T65EV
  • Geartronic
  • Shift lock
  • Group 59
  • ABS Brake system and STC
  • ABS Brake system with DSTC
  • Group 64
  • Electronic power steering
  • Group 83
  • Power windows
  • Central locking
  • Power sunroof
  • Group 84
  • Rear demist
  • Heated door mirrors
  • Power door mirrors
  • Group 85
  • Electrically heated seats
  • Power driver’s seat
  • Power passenger seat
  • Group 87
  • Standard heater
  • Manual Climate Control unit MCC
  • Electronic climate control ECC
  • Additional heater
  • Group 88
  • Power folding head restraint
  • SRS Supplemental Restraint System
  • Remote controlled garage door opener
  • Component list (fold-out)

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Volvo Early Model S80 2000 Wiring Diagram TP3944202