Volvo B6244 B6254 B6304 Engine Service Repair Manual

Modifications to March 1994 included. Modifications introduced after the above date are not covered in this manual. See Service Bulletins as applicable. Volvos are sold in versions adapted for different markets. These adaptations depend on many factors including legal, taxation and market requirements. This manual may therefore show illustrations and text which do not apply to cars in your country.

Volvo owners planning to export their car(s) to another country should investigate the applicable safety and exhaust emission requirements. In some cases it may be impossible to comply with these requirements.


  • Important
  • Specifications
  • Universal tools
  • Special tools
  • Reconditioning engine
  • Dismantling engine, cleaning, inspection
  • Cylinder head, exposure
  • Timing belt and drive assembly, dismantling
  • Cylinder head, removal
  • Crank mechanism, dismantling
  • Measurement, reconditioning
  • Cylinder block, measurement
  • Crank mechanism, measurement
  • Cylinder head, measurement/reconditioning
  • Threads, repair
  • Hermetically sealed bolts, sealing
  • Reassembly
  • Crank mechanism, reassembly
  • Cylinder head, installation
  • Timing belt assembly, reassembly
  • Cylinder block, refitting components

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 68

Volvo B6244 B6254 B6304 Engine Service Repair Manual