Volvo AW70 AW71 AW72 Transmission Service Manual

Manual transmissions M 46, M 47, M 47 II including types J & P Overdrives 700

Four-speed transmission with electrically-operated overdrive.Transmission housing of cast iron or aluminium. There are two types of overdrive, Type J and Type P.

Type J
Overdrive is engaged by a solenoid which changes the oil flow direction. The gear ratio is changed by a planetary gear.

Type P
Stronger than Type J and is used in combination with high-torque engines. Has no connection for speedometer cable.


  • Foreword
  • Specifications
  • Special tools
  • M 46 Disassembling
  • Assembling
  • M 47/M 47 II Disassembling
  • Assembling
  • Overdrive; Disassembling
  • Type J/Туре P Examining
  • Assembling
  • Checking oil pressures
  • Components M 46 Foldout 1
  • M 47 Foldout2
  • M 47 II Foldout3
  • Overdrive Type J Foldout 4
  • Overdrive Type P Foldout 5

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Pages: 84

Volvo AW70 AW71 AW72 Transmission Service Manual