Volvo 700 series B28F1 1982 Service Manual Engine

Service Manual Design Function. В 28 F is a V-6 engine equipped with a mechanical fuel injection system. This engine version is used for USA, Canada and Japanese markets.

Characteristics: Engine В28F viewed from right

  • V-6 engine, 90° between cylinder banks
  • cylinder block and cylinder heads made of aluminium alloy
  • removable, cast iron cylinder liners
  • aluminium alloy pistons, forged steel connecting rods
  • cylinder heads of cross-flow construction, i.e. intake and exhaust ports are located on opposite sides of combustion chamber
  • overhead camshafts operating through rocker arms chain drive for camshafts and oil pump with hydraulic tensioners
  • oil pump located in cylinder block
  • liquid cooled

NOTE: For additional “Design and Function” information, consult appropriate New Car Features manuals.


  • Group 20 General
  • Group 21 Engine
  • Group 22 Lubricating system
  • Group 23 Fuel system
  • Group 25 Intake and exhaust systems
  • Group 26 Cooling system
  • Group 27 Engine controls

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Volvo 700 series B28F1 1982 Service Manual Engine