Volvo 700 series B28 1982 Service Manual Engine

Service Manual Reconditioning.

What do these designations mean?

A = carburetted engine
E = fuel injected engine
F = fuel injected engine “USA models”
28 = displacement
В = petrol (gasoline)

This manual covers the following engine types:
Engine type Model year
В 28 A 1982-
B28E 1982-
B28F 1983-

Volvos are sold in versions adapted for different markets. Those adaptations depend on many factors including legal, taxation and market requirements.
This manual may therefore show illustrations and text which do not apply to cars in your country.


  • Important information
  • Specifications
  • Special tools
  • Thread repairs
  • Reconditioning engine
    • Disassembly
    • Cleaning and checking
    • Assembly
    • Cylinder head, reconditioning
    • Assembly (cont.)

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 63

Volvo 700 series B28 1982 Service Manual Engine