Volvo 700, 900 1982 Bodywork Repairs Manual

Volvo 700, 900 1982 Bodywork Repairs Manual PDF. This service manual is designed to help you maximize the quality of your bodywork repairs. Service bulletins cover any new items and majorchanges since the manual was printed. Bodywork repairs must always be top quality, accordingly:

Use protective tools.

Remember surface treatment: electrodeposition (ED), phosphating and putty and v/elding primer.

Remember soundproofing and insulation.

Bodywork dimensions:

Some bodywork repairs require the car to be jacked up in such a way that the bodywork dimensions do not change.

See section on bodywork dimensions at the back of this manual.


  • General
  • Using chemical agents
  • Special tools
  • Consumables
  • Welding symbols
  • Checking and measuring a collision-damaged car using special tools
  • Group 81 Repair methods
  • Caulking diagram
  • Group 84 Glass
  • Spraying diagram for rustproofing
  • Dimensions

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 212

Volvo 700, 900 1982 Bodywork Repairs Manual PDF free online

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