Volvo 240 D20 D24 1988 Service Manual Engine

Repairs and maintenance. TP 30420/1 11.88. Both the D 20 and D 24 Diesel engines are dealt with in this manual. The D 20 has five cylinders and the D 24 six. Otherwise the engines are similar in principle. Note! Different flywheels and vibration dampers are fitted to the different engine types.

Volvos are sold in versions adapted for different markets. These adaptations depend on many factors including legal, taxation and market requirements.
This manual may therefore show illustrations and text which do not apply to cars in your country.


  • Important information
  • Specifications
  • Special tools
  • Group 21 Engine assembly
  • (Work with engine in-car, replacement of engine)
  • Group22 Lubricating System
  • Group 23 Fuel System
  • Group 25 Intake and exhaust systems
  • Group 26 Cooling system
  • Group 27 Engine controls
  • Appendix “A” Fault tracing

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 200

Volvo 240 D20 D24 1988 Service Manual Engine