Volkswagen Amarok 2010 Service Manuals

The Volkswagen Amarok 2010 is a reliable and powerful pickup truck known for its performance and durability. If you own an Amarok from 2010, our service manuals are a valuable resource to help you maintain and repair your vehicle.

Our guide provides a comprehensive Volkswagen Amarok 2010 Service Manuals, complete with detailed instructions and diagrams for all aspects of vehicle maintenance and repair. From engine and transmission to brakes and electrical systems, our guide covers it all.

Whether you’re a seasoned mechanic or an Amarok owner looking to troubleshoot an issue, our guide will help you navigate the service manuals and get your vehicle back on the road. With our easy-to-understand instructions and detailed diagrams, you can confidently tackle any repair or maintenance task.

It’s important to note that while the service manuals can help diagnose and repair issues with your Volkswagen Amarok 2010, they’re not always 100% accurate. Sometimes, multiple issues may be present, or a repair may require specialized tools or expertise. If you’re unsure about the issue with your Amarok 2010, it’s always best to consult with a professional mechanic.

In conclusion, having access to the Volkswagen Amarok 2010 Service Manuals is essential for any Amarok owner. With our comprehensive guide, you can confidently troubleshoot and repair any issues with your vehicle, ensuring it stays in top condition for years to come.

Maintenance Amarok 2011 Edition 01.2011.

1. Engine list
2. Service work
3. General
4. Descriptions of work
5. Exhaust emissions test
6. Glossary

Technical information should always be available to the foremen and mechanics, because their careful and constant adherence to the instructions is essential to ensure vehicle road-worthiness and safety. In addition, the normal basic safety precautions for working on motor vehicles must, as a matter of course, be observed.


  • 1 Engine list
  • 2 Service work
  • 2.1 Information on LongLife service and time or distance dependent service
  • 2.2 Service tables, inland
  • 2.3 Service tables, export
  • 2.4 Service tables, Argentina and Brazil
  • 2.5 VW engine oil standards
  • 2.6 Delivery inspection
  • 2.7 Scopes of service
  • 2.8 Time or distance dependent additional work
  • 2.9 Market specific deviations – scope of work for Argentina and Brazil
  • 3 General
  • 3.1 Vehicle identification number (chassis number)
  • 3.2 Vehicle data sticker
  • 3.3 Severe operating conditions
  • 3.4 Engine code and engine number
  • 3.5 Sticker
  • 3.6 Entries in service schedule
  • 3.7 RME fuel (biodiesel) that does not conform with the standard
  • 4 Descriptions of work .
  • 4.1 Lifting vehicle
  • 4.2 Swivel joints: Visual check
  • 4.3 Reading ash mass (saturation level) of diesel particulate filter
  • 4.4 Battery: Check battery terminal clamps for secure seating
  • 4.5 Battery: Perform visual check and check magic eye
  • 4.6 Removing relay for battery disconnection
  • 4.7 Front passenger front airbag: Check key switch and „On/Off function”
  • 4.8 Checking tyres: Condition, wear pattern, tyre pressure, tread depth
  • 4.9 Brake system: Perform visual check for leaks and damage
  • 4.10 Front brake pads/linings: Check thickness
  • 4.11 Rear drum brake linings: Check thickness
  • 4.12 Brake system and shock absorbers: Perform visual check for leaks and damage
  • 4.13 Brake fluid: Change
  • 4.14 Brake fluid level: Check
  • 4.15 Climatronic: Set temperature to 22 °C
  • 4.16 Window regulators: Check positioning (open and close functions)
  • 4.17 Connecting vehicle diagnosis tester
  • 4.18 Performing vehicle system test
  • 4.19 Four-wheel drive: Insert fuse
  • 4.20 Protective bellows: Visual check
  • 4.21 Dust and pollen filter: Clean housing and renew filter element
  • 4.22 Poly V-belt: Check condition
  • 4.23 High pressure pump: Check
  • 4.24 Poly V-belt: Renew
  • 4.25 Fuel filter: Renew (diesel engine)
  • 4.26 Fuel system: Bleed (diesel engine)
  • 4.27 Fuel filter: Drain water (diesel engine)
  • 4.28 Cooling system: Check frost protection and coolant level
  • 4.29 Air filter: Clean housing and renew filter element
  • 4.30 Air filter with saturation indicator in dash panel insert:
  • 4.31 Resetting programmed values in engine control unit
  • 4.32 Engine oil level: Check
  • 4.33 Engine oil: Drain or extract; renew oil filter and replenish engine oil
  • 4.34 Engine and components in engine compartment (from above and below): Perform visual check for leaks and damage
  • 4.35 Bonnet catch: Clean, ensure attachment is secure and lubricate
  • 4.36 Check breakdown set
  • 4.37 Performing road test
  • 4.38 Wheel securing bolts: Tighten to specified torque
  • 4.39 Reading radio code
  • 4.40 Radio / radio navigation system: Enter anti-theft coding PIN
  • 4.41 Radio navigation system: Insert navigation CD/DVD and perform update
  • 4.42 Timing chain: Renew
  • 4.43 Windscreen wash/wipe system and headlight washer system: Check function and settings
  • 4.44 Windscreen wiper blades: Check park position
  • 4.45 Headlight adjustment: Check, if necessary adjust
  • 4.46 Service interval display: Reset
  • 4.47 Service interval display: Recode (adapt)
  • 4.48 Service interval: Adjusting (inland)
  • 4.49 Service interval: Adjusting (export)
  • 4.50 Service interval: Adjusting (Argentina and Brazil)
  • 4.51 Track rod ends: Check clearance, security and boots
  • 4.52 Power assisted steering: Check fluid level k
  • 4.53 Doors: Grease door arrester
  • 4.54 Paint: Perform visual check for damage and corrosion, interior and exterior when doors and bonnet/rear lid/flaps are open
  • 4.55 Protective foil: Remove (if fitted)
  • 4.56 Underbody protection: Perform visual check for damage
  • 4.57 Clock: Set to correct time
  • 4.58 Camshaft drive toothed belt and toothed belt tensioning roller: Renew
  • 4.59 Camshaft drive toothed belt: Check condition
  • 4.60 Coolant pump toothed belt sprocket and toothed belt: Renew
  • 4.61 Spark plugs: Renew
  • 4.62 Removing and installing skid plate
  • 4.63 Steering: Check bellows for leaks and damage
  • 5 Exhaust emissions test
  • 5.1 General information for exhaust emissions test
  • 5.2 Exhaust emissions test for petrol engines with engine code CFPA
  • 5.3 Exhaust emissions test for diesel engines with engine codes CDBA, CDCA
  • 5.4 Exhaust emissions test with OBD
  • 6 Glossary

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 155

Volkswagen Amarok 2010 Service Manuals