Toyota Colour Codes

Decoding of Toyota color codes.

012 White

031 White

033 White

040 White

041 White

043 White High Quality

045 White

046 Opal White Pearl

049 White Pearl

050 White Highest Quality

051 Diamond White Pearl

056 Arctic White

057 White Mother of Pearl (Lexus)

058 White

062 Crystal White (Lexus)

065 Crystal White Gold (Lexus)

068 Polar white

070 Pearl White Metallic

077 Starfire white mother of pearl (Lexus)

113 Gray

141 Haze Gray

142 Haze Gray

147 Metallic Silver

153 Pearl Gray

155 Charcoal Gray

167 Charcoal Gray Metallic

170 Medium Gray

172 Cobalt Blue Metallic

176 Silver Metallic Fog

179 Dark Gray Metallic

180 Flint Gray Pearl

182 Gray Metallic

183 Dark Gray Metallic

187 Steel Gray Fog

191 Dark Bluish Gray Metallic Clear

192 Metal Sunset Silver

193 Warm Gray Pearl Clear

199 Alpine Silver

1A0 Platinum Met Exterior

1A6 Moonglow Gray Mother of Pearl

1B1 Silver Pearl

1B9 Quick silver metallic

1C0 Millenium silver (Lexus)

1C0 Silver

1C3 Gray metallic

1C4 Opal gray-silver metallic

1C6 Dark Gray Metallic

1C8 Silver

1D0 Liquid silver

1D2 Silver

1D4 Silver Metallic

1D9 Graphite Silver

1E0 Dark Gray

1E2 Dark Gray Mica

1E3 Gray Metallic

1E5 Tundra gray

1E7 Silver metallic

1E9 Dark Gray Metallic

1F0 Pine Silver

1F2 Mercury silver metallic (Lexus)

1F7 Silver

1F8 Lining silver metallic

1G3 Ash-gray

1G8 Twilight Gray (Lexus)

1H2 Dark gray metallic

202 Onyx black

204 Black

205 Atlas Black Metallic

209 Black anthracite

212 Black

2FS Green

309 Red

3E5 Red

3F4 Red

3H4 Red Mother of Pearl

3H5 Orange Mica Pearl

3H7 Cardinal Red

3H8 Spiny Pearls

3H9 Dark brown Metallic


3J7 Red Pearl Garnet

3J8 Prussian Red Pearl

3J9 Medium Red Pearl

3K1 Amethyst Dark Pearl

3K2 Wine Berry Pearls

3K3 Pomegranate Pearl

3K4 Red Mother of Pearl

3K5 Yellowish Rose Metallic

3K7 Shadow Rose Quartz

3K9 Light Beige Metallic

3L3 Ruby red mother-of-pearl

3L5 Magician Red

3N0 Burgundy

3N2 Claret

3P1 Red Mother of Pearl

3P4 Sunset Mist (Lexus)

3P5 Grayish Rose

3Q3 Salsa red mother of pearl

3Q8 Burgundy

3R0 Dark cherry metallic

3R3 Red Mother of Pearl

3R7 Dark cherry mother-of-pearl (Lexus)

414 Buffalo Brown

415 Brown

416 Beige Dune

464 Beige

474 Dark Copper

4E9 Beige

4G8 Light Beige

4J1 Almond Beige Metallic

4K1 Beige Metal

4K7 Champagne (“champagne spray”) beige metallic

4K8 Dark Walnut Pearl

4K9 Sandstone Beige Metallic

4L8 Canyon Beige Metallic

4M9 Beige

4P2 Burnished Golden (Lexus)

4Q2 Satin Golden (beige)

4Q9 Dark Brown (Autumn Bronze) Metallic

4R3 Sonora golden

4R4 Golden (beige)

4S0 Bronze

4S2 Driftwood Mother of Pearl

4S6 Brandywine

4T3 Bronze

4T5 Sable (“Sable”) mother of pearl

4T8 Beige metallic

532 Yellow

567 Yellow Signal

577 Yellow

585 Cibola gold

587 Golden Metallic

611 The Dark Green

621 Peasant Green (Dark)

622 The Nebula Green

653 Green Olive Green

681 Green (Wednesday)

6H9 Olive Green

6J7 Forest Green Metallic

6K4 Black Pearl Jade

6K6 Green metallic / pearl

6L3 Silver sheet Metallic

6L6 Honey Metal

6M1 Dark Emerald Pearl

6M2 Royal Jade Pearls

6M3 Silver Metallic Spruce

6P2 Dark green mother-of-pearl

6P3 Dark green mother-of-pearl / metallic

6P9 Green Metallic Clear

6R1 Woodland Mother of Pearl

6R6 Opalescent green

6Q2 Light green metallic

6Q7 Dark Green

6S3 Dark green mother-of-pearl

6S6 Dark green mother-of-pearl

6S7 Dark Green Mica

6T1 Olive Metallic

6T3 Dark green

6T6 Light green metallic

6V2 Olive Metallic

6U0 Pistachio

6U9 Green

742 Greenish Blue Pearl

746 Turquoise Pearl

747 Dark Metal Teal

749 Metallic Teal

750 Ignite Turquoise Pearl Metal Clear

751 Dark Teal Green Pearl Metal Clear

776 Turquoise metallic

Photo of color Toyota Cam

808 Horizontal Blue

822 Royal Blue

854 Blue (sky blue)

857 Scandinav Blue (Dark)

861 Bright Blue

869 Dark Blue Pearl

8B2 Blue

8B4 Night Blue

8E3 Dark Blue Pearl

8G2 Ice Blue Pearl

8G6 Icy Blue Metallic

8H3 Navigational Blue Metallic

8H4 The Twilight Sailor

8H5 Younger Blue Metallic

8H6 Blue

8H8 Bright Blue Metallic

8J1 Dark Blue Metallic

8J2 Blue Metallic

8J3 Blue Pearl

8J4 Matte Sapphire Pearl

8J5 Midnight Indigo Pearl

8J7 Blue Metallic Steel

8K0 Dark Blue Pearl Metal Clear

8K2 Ignite Purple Blue Pearl Metal Clear

8K8 Dark Blue

8L3 Dark blue mother-of-pearl

8L4 Starry Blue

8L7 Blue Royal

8M6 Blue Mother of Pearl

8N2 Argentum blue metallic

8N3 Harbor blue

8N6 Grayish blue

8P4 Indigo Ink Mother of Pearl (Lexus)

8P4 Stellar blue

8P6 Vapor blue metallic (Lexus)

8P8 Dark blue mother-of-pearl

8Q0 Dark blue metallic

8Q2 Blue

8Q5 Cosmic Blue

8R3 Gray-blue metallic

8R6 Breakwater blue

8R7 Neptune blue bowl

8R8 Light (light) blue bowl

8S1 Light blue

8S2 Seaside Mother of Pearl

8S4 Light Blue

8S6 Dark Blue

8T8 Blue-green

923 Silver Dark brown Metallic

930 Gray-purple mother-of-pearl

931 Light Purple Mother of Pearl

936 Dark Purple Pearl Clear

9AF Dark purple

9AG Iced amethyst

AE9 Beige

K04 Black

K08 Red

K72 White

K73 Steel Silver

K74 Silver

K76 Ruby

K78 Beige

K80 Dark green

KC7 Mica red metallic

KC8 Dark Blue

P53 Hayman blue

YGB Hayman Green