THM 440-T4 “UPDATE HANDBOOK” VOL.1 – ATSG (Automatic Transmission Service Group)

Since the introduction of the THM 440-T4 Transaxle in April, 1984, there have been many major engineering design changes. These changes have affected nearly every part used in the THM 440-T4. This Update Handbook will explain each change, the parts affected by the change, and any parts interchangeability problems created by the change.

The engineering changes covered by this “Update Handbook” are:

  1. Rotors, Vanes, and Slides
  2. Pump Body Changes
  3. Valve Body Changes
  4. Valve Body Gasket Changes
  5. Channel Plate Changes
  6. Accumulator Pin Changes
  7. Fourth Clutch Changes
  8. Second Clutch Changes
  9. Driven Sprocket Support Changes
  10. Third Roller Clutch Changes
  11. Plastic Lube Dam (Update)
  12. Input Sprag Changes
  13. Third Clutch Changes
  14. Modulator Changes
  15. Transaxle Case Changes
  16. Governor Cover Changes


  • Rotors, Vanes, and Slides
  • Pump Body Changes
  • Valve Body Changes
  • Channel Plate Changes
  • Accumulator Pin Changes
  • Fourth Clutch Changes
  • Second Clutch Changes
  • Driven Sprocket Support Changes
  • Third Roller Clutch Changes
  • Plastic Lube Dam (Update)
  • Input Sprag Changes
  • Third Clutch Changes
  • Modulator Changes
  • Transaxle Case Changes
  • Governor Cover Changes
  • 85-85 Identification
  • 1986 Identification
  • 1987 Identification
  • 1988 Identification
  • 1989 Identification
  • TCC Screen and Orifice Location
  • Valve Body Gasket Identification
  • Oil Filter Changes
  • 1988 Changes (Begin)
  • 1989 Changes (Begin)
  • 3rd Roller and Input Sprag Failure

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Format: PDF
Pages: 102

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