The Automotive Chassis: Engineering Principles, 2nd Edition

This comprehensive overview of chassis technology presents an up-to-date picture for vehicle construction and design engineers in education and industry. The book acts as an introduction to the engineering design of the automobile’s fundamental mechanical systems. Clear text and first class diagrams are used to relate basic engineering principles to the particular requirements of the chassis. In addition, the 2nd edition of ‘The Automotive Chassis’ has a new author team and has been completely updated to include new technology in total vehicle and suspension design, including platform concept and four-wheel drive technology.

Table of Contents

Nomenclature and units * Types of acclerating and wheel suspension * Tyres and wheels * Dynamics of axle and flexible components * Steering linkage * Springs and damping * Chassis and centre of gravity.

Language: English
File: PDF
Pages: 456

The Automotive Chassis: Engineering Principles, 2nd Edition

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