Suzuki Grand Vitara XL-7 JA627 Wiring Diagram Manual 99512-52D20-015

This manual shows the circuits for all the possible variations in production specifications. However, depending on the specifications of the vehicle you are handling, its wiring harness may not include some of the circuits or wiring shown in this manual.

Applicable model: GRAND VITARA XL-7

  • JSAHTX92V## 200001~
  • JS3TX92V ## 200001~



General information

  • How to read connector layout diagram
  • How to read connector codes and terminal nos.
  • How to read ground (Earth) point
  • How to read power supply diagram
  • How to read system circuit diagram
  • Symbols and marks
  • Abbreviations
  • Wire / connector color symbols

Connector layout diagram

  • Engine compartment
  • Instrument panel
  • Roof
  • Door
  • Floor
  • Rear

Ground point

Power supply diagram

  • Power supply diagram
  • Fuses and the protected parts
  • Fuses in main fuse box, Supplementary fuse box
  • Individual circuit fuse box

System circuit diagram

  • A-1 Charging system
  • A-2 Cranking system
  • A-3 Ignition, engine, emission (and 4WD) control system
  • A-4 Immobilizer control system
  • A-5 Body electric control system
  • B-1 A/T control system
  • B-2 Wind shield wiper and washer
  • B-3 Rear wiper and washer
  • B-4 Rear window defogger
  • B-5 Power door lock
  • B-6 Power window
  • B-7 Remote controller mirror (Without Heater)
  • B-7 Remote controller mirror (With Heater)
  • B-8 Horn
  • B-9 Seat heater
  • C-1 Combination meter (Meter)
  • C-2 Combination meter (Indicator lamp)
  • C-3 Combination meter (Warning lamp)
  • D-1 Headlight system
  • D-2 Clearance, tail and license plate light
  • D-3 Illumination control system
  • D-4 Interior light
  • D-5 Turn signal and hazard warning light
  • D-6 Brake light
  • D-7 Back-up light
  • D-8 Headlight beam leveling system
  • D-9 Front fog light
  • D-10 Rear fog light
  • E-1 Heater and air conditioning
  • E-2 Rear air conditioning
  • F-1 Radio
  • F-2 Anti-lock brake system
  • F-3 Air-bag control system
  • F-4 Cruise control system
  • F-5 Cigar lighter
  • F-6 Clock
  • F-7 Sun roof

Connector list


Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 152

Suzuki Grand Vitara XL-7 JA627 Wiring Diagram Manual 99512-52D20-015