Skoda Octavia Workshop Manual (S00.5112.50.20) 1.9L 50kW Engine, Mechanical Components

Skoda Octavia Workshop Manual (S00.5112.50.20) 1.9 ltr. / 50 kW Engine, Mechanical Components PDF free online


00 Technical Data

  • Technical data
    • Engine number
    • Engine features

10 Removing and Installing Engine

  • Removing and installing engine
    • Removing engine
    • Attaching engine to repair stand
    • Installing engine
    • Tightening torques
    • Aligning engine/gearbox mounting
    • Engine/gearbox mounting

13 Crank Assembly

  • Disassembling and assembling engine
    • Removing and installing ribbed V-belt
    • Removing and installing toothed belt
    • Inspecting semi-automatic toothed belt tensioning pulley
    • Setting crankshaft to TDC of cylinder 1 when engine removed
  • Removing and installing crankshaft
    • Crankshaft dimensions
    • Replacing crankshaft seal -belt pulley side
    • Removing and installing flywheel
    • Removing and installing driven plate
    • Removing and installing front sealing flange
  • Disassembling and assembling pistons and connecting rod
    • Inspecting piston projection at TDC
    • Piston and cylinder dimensions

15 Cylinder Head, Valve Gear

  • Removing and installing cylinder head
    • Removing cylinder head
    • Installing cylinder head
    • Testing compression
  • Servicing valve timing
    • Reworking valve seats
    • Calculating maximum permissible reworking dimension
    • Inspecting valve guides
    • Removing and installing camshaft
    • Inspecting hydraulic bucket tappets
    • Replacing valve stem seals

17 Lubrication System

  • Removing and installing parts of the lubrication system
    • Disassembling and assembling oil filter holder
    • Removing and installing oil pan
    • Testing oil pressure and oil pressure switch

19 Cooling System

  • Removing and installing parts of the exhaust system
    • Parts of cooling system
    • Drainig and filling system with coolant
    • Removing and installing coolant pump
    • Removing and installing coolant thermostat
    • Testing cooling system for leaks
    • Removig and installling radiator

20 Fuel Supply System

  • Removing and istalling parts of the fuel supply system
    • Removing and istalling fuel tank with attached parts
    • Safety precautions when working on fuel supply system
    • Rules for cleanliness
    • Removing and istalling fuel gauge sender
    • Removig ad istalling fuel tank

26 Exhaust System

  • Removing and istalling parts of the exhaust system
    • Replacing cetre silencer or rear silencer
    • Aligning exhaust system free of stress
  • Exhaust gas recirculation system
    • Connection diagram of exhaust gas recirculatio
    • Testing mechanical exhaust gas recirculation valve

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 56

Skoda Octavia Workshop Manual (S00.5112.50.20) 1.9 ltr. / 50 kW Engine, Mechanical Components PDF free online

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