Skoda Octavia Workshop Manual 1.9L 50kW (SDI) Engine, Fuel Injection and Glow Plug System

Skoda Octavia Workshop Manual (S00.5113.50.20 Edition 08.96) 1.9 ltr. / 50 kW (SDI) Engine, Fuel Injection and Glow Plug System PDF.


01 Self-diagnosis

  • Self-diagnosis
    • Features of self-diagnosis
    • Technical data of self-diagnosis
    • Connecting vehicle system tester V.A.G 1552 and selecting engine electronics control unit
    • Interrogating and erasing fault memory
    • Fault table
  • Final control diagnosis
    • Performing final control diagnosis
    • Basic setting
    • Coding control unit
  • Measured value blocks
    •  Reading measured value block
    • List of display groups
    • Specified readouts for general vehicle check
    • Specified readouts for injection pump
    • Specified readouts for engine idling
    • Specified readouts for exhaust gas recirculation
    • Specified readouts for temperature sensors
    • Specified readouts for vehicle power output
    • Specified readouts for charge pressure control

23 Fuel Formation/Fuel Injection

  • Servicing diesel direct injection system
    • Safety precautions
    • Rules for cleanliness
    • List of fitting locations
    • Removing and installing air filter and throttle valve positioner
    • Removing and installing intake manifold
    • Removing and installing injection pump
    • Dynamically testing and setting commencement of injection..
    • Testing intake manifold temperature sender
    • Testing throttle valve positioner -V60-
    • Servicing injection pump
    • Servicing fuel filter
    • Servicing throttle mechanism
    • Setting accelerator pedal position sender
    • Removing and installing and testing injectors
    • Replacing O-ring at injection timing cover
    • Testing cables and components with test box
    • Replacing engine electronics control unit
  • Testing fuel injection control
    • Testing injection timing control range
    • Testing commencement of injection valve
    • Testing fuel temperature sender
  • Testing exhaust gas recirculation system
    • Testing exhaust gas recirculation
    • Testing electromagnetic exhaust gas recirculation valve -N18-

28 Glow Plug System

  • Testing glow plug system
    • Testing operation
    • Testing glow plugs
    • Testing glow period warning light

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Pages: 78

Skoda Octavia Workshop Manual (S00.5113.50.20 Edition 08.96) 1.9 ltr. / 50 kW (SDI) Engine, Fuel Injection and Glow Plug System PDF free online